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AFAM March 2017 (pdf)

Message from the Chairman:

As we approach the end of winter, I’m sure you are delighted by how well we fared this season --
compared to two years ago when we were dealing with towering snow mounds. With the coming
of spring, we are getting ready to host our annual Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day at the
Massachusetts State House. This year we will gather in the Great Hall at the State House
on Monday, April 10th. The theme of the program is “Advocacy Across the Lifespan.”

As a parent of an adult son with ASD, I’m sure that most other parents have had that anxious
experience of accessing services for your loved one and the potential challenges that presents.
This year, AFAM will take advantage of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day to showcase to
you and our elected officials some of the challenges facing families. We will also present AFAM’s
legislative and budget priorities to support and assist families and individuals touched by autism
who seek to access services and supports for both children and adults. Most importantly, it is your
opportunity to speak to your elected officials
and tell them about your hopes and dreams for your
loved one in regard to a broad range of services and supports. Please join us on April 10th for this
extremely important day of lobbying at the State House. While we have accomplished a lot in past
years, our work is just beginning. Please help us, yourselves and your loved ones in this effort!

Michael J. Borr
AFAM Chairman

AFAM March 2017 (pdf)


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