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AFAM’s Accomplishments

Since its founding in 2004, AFAM has vigorously advocated for – and achieved – a number of major successes, including:

• establishment of the Autism Division within the Department of Developmental Services
• passage of An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism (ARICA)
• passage of the Augmentative and Alternative Communications Bill
• passage of the Anti-Bullying Bill
• publication of a study, Awash in Autism: Why We must Begin to Address the Critical Need for Services for Adults with Autism in Massachusetts
• establishment of the Autism Commision, whose 2014 report set forth a broad range of priorities
• sponsorship of the annual Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day at the State House each April
• conducting legislative briefings to inform elected officials of the needs of people on the autism spectrum
• regular oral and written testimony at public hearings on pending legislation affecting people with ASD and their families
• collaboration with other groups in the disability community to promote legislative and budgetary priorities we have in common
• leading role in advocating for the Omnibus Autism Bill, which passed both houses of the legislature unanimously and was signed by the Governor in August 2014
• conducting MassHealth forums to provide families with updated information
• conducting surveys of autism families about unmet needs
• sponsorship of a day-long Housing conference in 2015 to provide stakeholders an opportunity to share points of view and to brainstorm various housing options that may be appropriate for people living on the autism spectrum
• collaborated to develop the “Autism Housing Think Tank”


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